So. Your website. We sort of think if you have a website it should be doing it’s job. Yes?

What’s it’s job?

Looking good? Letting people know you are there? Right but it’s really about generating sales. Yes?

How were you generating sales before the lockdown? How are you generating sales now? How will you generate sales when the lockdown is lifted?

Not sure?

Your website. Your website’s job is our job!

We can make your website work for you now and keep working – it’s what we do!

WE are making websites work harder


A great looking website isn’t enough.  Customers need to know you’re there … and they need to be able to find you on their mobile. Not sure? We sort it. Content. Everything.


What’s that? A bit of jargon and also the magic that makes searches end up on your website. No sorry, it doesn’t just happen because you have a cool looking website but we can make it happen. Keywords. The lot!

google my business

You have to be on there. Seriously, you do have to be on there to make this work. You can post photos and offers to make your customers go ‘Wow’. The crazy thing is that you might already be on there and you don’t know it. Leave it to us.

google 3 pack

Half a six pack? Nope! It’s that little map that appears on a Google search with three businesses highlighted. You want to be one of those right? A bit of work but together we can do it.


What was business like before lockdown? What’s it like now? What will it be like when we get back to work? Some businesses we work with fell off a cliff. Good job we were there to catch them. Got a plan? Here’s a tip: make your website work!


Actually we are pretty much everywhere but there are some SECTORS where clients seem to tell their mates and just keep coming back for more …

Retail & Hospitality

You guys you have taken the biggest hit in lockdown. Time to stop looking at what you can't do and switch to what you can do. Deliveries? Click and collect? That’s just a start.

Legal Services

With clients who are legal firms, litigators, mediators and IP specialists we must be doing something right.

Health & Wellbeing

Huge! It’s like the light bulb came on and ‘hello?’ Even if they are shut in doors, people want to be active. So let’s get moving

Property & Construction

Gone are the days when the banks would lend and then you build it and sell it. And now everything has slowed right down with social distancing. What next?


A new venture put on hold? Ready to go but don’t know when? Entrepreneurs that’s you and us. Let’s do it together.


or at least that’s what our clients seem to think. We think our clients are pretty awesome as well. Check out some of the stuff we have been doing.




It starts with you. We spend time with you learning about your business, your challenges, your goals and aspirations. Then we undertake a detailed SMF audit. We need to know what makes you tick and if you’ve got the bottle to make it happen.


project creation

This is where we hunker down together and create a plan with you and for you. No one size fits all here. Nothing off the shelf. Then the real work starts. It’s not just about the plan. It’s about making it work. There will be targets, milestones and we all keep our eyes on the prize.


continuing support

But we don’t just help you with a plan and then walk away. Nope. You can’t get rid of us that easy. We are with you every step of the way.


for some of the amazing things our clients say about us

Dr Marcus Papadopoulos

Chris Nisbet has revolutionised – and to great effect – the sales and marketing channels for Politics First. Chris, having employed his excellent ability to strategically plan, has developed a modern, in-depth, thorough and costed strategy to enable Politics First to attempt to maximise its full commercial potential. I highly recommend Chris to any company seeking and striving to increase its revenue

Dr Marcus Papadopoulos

Publisher and Editor of Politics First

Phil Stedman

I was introduced to Chris and Peter last year as I was at a loss how to scale my business. They completely transformed my view on lead generation, sales, marketing and the importance of a website.

They are able to think strategically leaving me to focus on day to day management. They are now working with us on providing a magazine and a series of conferences in the FinTech space for Stedman Denny

If they didn’t have other clients I would like them to work with us full time to look after all sales and marketing and alternative finance

Phil Stedman

CEO, Stedman Denny Limited


I’d never really considered investing in an early stage business. All too risky for my liking.

However, SMF showed me an investment pitch and it certainly seemed like a great business idea. Still all sounded a bit risky but they went on to explain how I could mitigate those risks and save tax, it seemed a bit like a no brainer. When I said, “Where do I sign?” they said “Not yet!” and suggested I did my own due diligence and discuss it all with my accountant. I did all that and invested anyway. Glad I did!


Angel Investor


This is where it all started, our core minds, with so much front!


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Peter Lunt

Committed to Continuous Improvement and to 3BL, Peter worked in the financial services sector for 36 years and often describes himself as a ‘former evil banker (in rehab)’. He is perhaps unusually, a marketing professional, a financial services professional and an accredited Coach.

With a special interest in the knowledge economy and in particular FinTech, thepeterlunt bores everyone who will listen about intellectual property being the new crown jewels, data the wealth and connectivity the currency of our Brave New World …

… he believes strongly that Great Britain PLC will thrive by doing what we do best, by innovating and trading with the rest of the world.


Tom Nutter

Tom is SMF’s boss techie guy, he’s our CTO, he’s our secret weapon and he’s a workaholic. He never stops.

As a systems based thinker he asks all those what, why, when, where, how and who type questions and then brings it all together into an holistic solution linking all the bits and pieces together.

A highly successful bootstrapping entrepreneur, Tom built his own international online business from scratch to a multi million dollar turnover.

In his spare time (what spare time?) he is a compulsive learner, always looking for the next challenge.

Oh, and did we mention websites? He builds websites, lots and lots of websites … and, like Tom, those websites work really hard!